7 Ways To Prep For Your Roof Replacement Project

By: Heather Coker | March 2021 @ 7:51 pm

Getting your old roof replaced with a stunning and durable new roofing system is a dream come true for most Memphis, TN homeowners. For many, it happens just once in their lifetime, because most roofs can easily last over 50 years. That said, roof replacement is an intensive process involving a lot of tools, sharp objects, dust, and waste. Here are some useful tips that will help you prepare for your home’s roof replacement project.

1. Ensure that Kids and Pets are Safe

The entire work zone as well as the surrounding areas can be extremely dangerous for kids and pets. While they may be curious to know what’s happening, it is better to not let them go anywhere near this area. Talk to your kids and let them know about these off-limit areas, until the completion of your project. They may not comprehend the situation easily. The safer option is to drop them at a trusted friends’ place while the roof replacement work is being done at your house.

2. Take Care of Your Vehicles

If you have only one parking spot in your house, you might want to give it to the contracting company during work. They will need immediate access to their vehicles for tools, parts, and other spares. On the other hand, your vehicles might catch dust from the roof replacement tasks if it is close to the work zone. The best thing you can do in this situation is to park your vehicles somewhere else.

3. Remove Any Decor off the Wall

A Roof replacement project involves the use of some heavy machinery and hammers that can cause a lot of vibrations in your home. These vibrations may travel across the walls and even cause your wall hangings to fall. It is better to keep them removed until the project is completed, especially those that have not been permanently attached with screws.

7 Ways To Prep For Your Roof Replacement Project

4. Cover Items in your Attic

During the roof replacement, your attic space can gain a lot of debris and dust from the pounding of the hammer on the roof. Furthermore, there could be many roofing professionals working on your roof throughout the day. So, it is recommended to cover all your belongings in the attic, and if possible, move some of them indoors.

6. Keep the Work-Zone Free From Furniture, Grills, and Other Items

As mentioned above, roofers will need a lot of space to move around and place their tools while the roof installation process is going on. It is better to keep your furniture covered and stored away from the work zone. This will also protect it from gathering debris and dust.

7. Inform Your Neighbors

A roof replacement project can cause some noise and produce some dust that could be troublesome to your neighbors if they are unaware of it. Give them a timeframe of your project duration so that they can plan their schedules and work to minimize disturbance accordingly.

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