Roofing Insurance Claims Process

At some point in time in the Memphis Tennessee and Northern Mississippi areas, you are very apt to get hit by hail. If you need help with roofing insurance claims process Memphis and other Southwestern Tennessee cities call Admiral Roofing for expert advice.

roofing insurance claims process Mandeville

Shingle Damage From Hail

Roofing Insurance Claims Process: How It Works

If your home or other property suffers damage to the roof, you may dread the roofing claim process. You may recall hearing horror stories from other property owners that have had difficulties. Following the correct process helps you overcome the fear that the roof damage will take several weeks or even months to repair because of all the red tape you could encounter from your insurance company. If you follow a few simple tips, a Memphis roofing contractor or another one nearby will have your roof repaired quickly, efficiently and without a lot of hassle.

Document The Evidence

Try not to panic after you discover the damage to your roof. Take pictures of the roof and any other damage that occurred, such as dents in your air conditioning unit. Document any shingles that are missing or ripped. The damage may be evident because you experienced a hail storm, tornado or other natural disasters that caused a hole in your roof or you detect a leak. Take as many pictures as you need to fully document the destruction. Leaks or holes in your roof indicate the need for emergency repairs.

Contact A Roofing Contractor

Roofing insurance claims process Mandeville

Insurance Companies

Ask friends or relatives if they are familiar with any roofing contractors in the area that they can recommend. Another wise way to select a quality roofer is to look for Owens Corning certifications in their advertisements. Many roofing contractors list emergency numbers and are available 24 hours a day. This enables you to get someone out to your property quickly so that they can cover the damage with a tarp or some other protective material. They will also do a complimentary roof inspection and give you a quote on the overall repairs. Don’t sign anything until you have talked with your insurance company. Roofers employed by companies with proper certifications won’t expect or insist that you sign anything committing them to do all the necessary repairs.

Call Your Insurance Company

During your roofing insurance claims process you will need to call your insurance company to make a claim just as soon as you find someone to take care of any emergency repairs. Most insurance companies have hotlines that enable you to talk with someone 24/7. If not, they likely have a website where you can make a claim online and then check on the status until the office opens.

Don’t let roof damage create chaos in your life. By following the proper steps, you will be able to resolve the problems quickly and satisfactorily.

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