Roof Repairs

First, you must answer the question of whether you should replace or repair your roof.


Ceiling Stain

There are constant storms that cause leaky roofs in Memphis and Northern Mississippi due to massive rains and strong winds.

For many local homeowners, water leaking through their roofs into their homes causes panic. The ceiling and insulation have already been damaged by water, but what future damage is likely to occur due to the roof leak, and how much will it cost me?

In the first place, let me admit that all roof leaks are important to us, we know that homeowners put their homes at risk, and we are here to assist them understand what’s going on with their roofs.

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Roof Repair: What is the First Step?

You have already taken the first essential step by calling Admiral Roofing and making an appointment with one of our roof repair professionals. The field representative will contact you before arriving at your property to confirm the appointment time. He will introduce himself and hand you his card when he comes to your property.

We believe it is essential for you to know who is coming and going to handle your home. A picture of your field representative will be emailed to you before he gets to you, as well as his bio and a video describing what he values about working with you.


Meeting The Homeowner

Roof Repair: Gathering Information

The next step is for your field representative to ask you some questions or queries so that they can get a history of what has been going on, such as when your roof was installed and whether you know of any active roof leaks, as well as any past roof leaks that may have been repaired.

To ensure there are no more stains on your ceiling, he will ask you to walk him around your house. During the walk-around, he will point out any apparent problems with the roof he sees from the ground.

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Poorly Done Roof Repair

As in this picture of the chimney, sometimes the problem is apparent. There was an attempt to make a repair here, but as you can see, the job was done incorrectly and cheaply, resulting in a more costly repair in the future.


Mold On The Roof Sheathing

Roof Repair: Checking Out That Attic

You will need to let your field representative into your attic next. You will have to inform him if you have active water leaks in your attic, current roof decking damage, and any previous water damage.


Professional Roof Inspection

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A field representative will then thoroughly inspect your roof. During this step, he will determine what the problem is with your roof and why water is coming into your home. When Admiral Roofing’s representative finds any roof-related issues, he will make a detailed list of them.


Explaining The Problem

Your Admiral Roofing field representative will then provide you with his recommendations and an estimate for the repairs. In the next step, he will discuss your options with you. Admiral Roofing’s representative will discuss all of the factors that will determine whether your roof should be repaired or replaced.

When deciding whether to repair your roof or not, you should know whether there is storm damage that should be covered by insurance and how long the roof material is expected to last.

Your Admiral Roofing professional will gather samples related to roof problems to show you. The Admiral Roofing team wants you to know everything that we know about your roof. If our roof were yours, we would make the same recommendation about it.

Take The Next Step

As part of the roof repair process, your representative will demonstrate each product we will use.


Explaining The Repair

The next thing is to sign the contract and get on the Admiral Roofing schedule once your Admiral Roofing field representative shows you the repairs and pricing. When there is an active leak, we try to move the roof repair schedule up if there is an immediate need for repair within 72 hours.

Every repair appointment we deal with at Admiral Roofing is like dealing with a single mother. Initially, our goal is to comfort you, and then we will explain what’s happening. At Admiral Roofing, we understand how essential it is for you to feel secure in your own home. As we know how difficult this time can be for you, we want to offer our support.

With Admiral Roofing, you can not only trust that your roof will be repaired right and with the best materials available but you will also be shown both exactly how and why we do it. As the ending process, we demand that you have a picture of our work to analyze how well we have performed.

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