Memphis Roofing: Cool Rated Shingles

In today’s energy conscious society better shingles and more so energy star rated shingles are becoming more popular. In Memphis roofing, we have become much more proactive in helping clients find the right energy star rated shingle for their new roof project.

Memphis Roofing: What Makes An E Rated Shingle

In the late 1990’s energy efficiency was foremost on everyone’s mind and certainly in progressive cities like Memphis and Olive Branch. Consumers needed a way to know they were getting an energy efficient product without just taking the word of a corporation. In 1998 the Cool Roof Rating Council was formed to a credible and accurate way to evaluate and label solar reflective and emittance of roofing products. Another main function of the Cool Roof Rating Council is to disseminate the information gathered in rating roofing products for radiative properties to all interested parties.

Memphis Roofing: Energy Rated Roofing Products

Many consumers have heard of the E rated metal roof but have little knowledge of e rated shingles. All major manufacturers of roofing shingles now make energy star rated shingles. Wens Corning has a line of roofing shingles called Duration Premium Cool that has been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. The Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool Shasta White shingle has a three-year rating of 31 which is a very good energy star rating. Owens Corning has a number of very good e rated shingles.

Memphis Roofing: How They Work

Duration Premium Cool shingles have granules that reflect the solar energy, which decreases the amount of heat transferred to a home and keeps the roof cooler. In turn, this helps keep the attic cooler and the home uses less air-conditioning and energy for cooling. These cool shingles do meet California title 24, part 6 requirements by the CRRC. An added bonus of these shingles is they also have the SureNail technology backed by Owens Corning.

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