Worksite Approach

Our Worksite Approach and Technology

At Admiral Roofing we build the strongest roofs in the industry. In our worksite approach, we strip the old felt off your deck, remove all nails to minimize future nail pops, then inspect your deck for rotten wood before we install your new felt. When installing your new shingles, we add Storm Guard in all valleys and around all pipes and potential leak areas like chimneys and skylights. These steps are not standard but are our way of going the extra mile to minimize the potential for a leak.

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Worksite Approach Admiral Roofing

Our worksite approach, we also own and utilize The Equipter, a state-of-the-art roofing tool that allows us to approach your yard (our worksite) totally different than the way roofing was done in the past. Some facts about The Equipter:

  • Worksite Approach Admiral Roofing If you can tow 7,500 pounds with your truck, just hook up The Equipter like any trailer and haul it to your site. The Equipter’s drive axle automatically disengages when hooked up for towing. Once at the site, The Equipter is a self-propelled trailer and can move around under its own power with its gasoline-powered hydraulic drive system.
  • At just 6′ wide, The Equipter can get into small spaces where trucks and trailers just cannot go.  The Equipter has a very tight turning radius, and the large tires provide excellent traction but distribute the weight to reduce ruts and marks on your lawn.
  • Landscaping can take a beating during a traditional tear-off procedure. So, we designed The Equipter with a rear extension roll-back feature that extends its large container over obstacles like shrubs and flowerbeds. It also places the container well within reach of our crew for either debris removal or new material transport.
  • Get the debris out easily and safely, with the container so close by. The wide doors extend the catch area to 10.5′, ensuring all the debris goes into The Equipter, not onto the ornamentals down below. Once you take the old stuff out, bring the new in, using The Equipter as a lift for tons of new materials, right where our crew needs them.
  • Up high—down low, it doesn’t matter. Just extend the hydraulic tailgate and you’re ready to dump the load anywhere you need to. And, since The Equipter is a self-propelled trailer, we keep that big truck off the lawn and let The Equipter deliver the debris there safely and easily.

All of this added ability translates into savings to you, our customer. Our worksite approach is to get in and finish more quickly, use less manpower to do superior work, and dramatically reduce clean-up time.

Worksite approach Admiral Roofing

Worksite Approach Admiral Roofing

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