New Roof Installation

For a team of experienced roofing professionals, installing a new roof is not difficult. However, there are some things you should know and do to speed up and simplify the process. A pre-installation checklist will help minimize disruption before, during, and after a roof installation, as well as tips for communicating with your roof contractor during the installation.

new roof installation

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New Roof Installation: Proper Roof Install Techniques

The new roof replacement process begins with the arrival of roofing material through the roofing material distributor. As an admiral roofing representative, we will examine the quality and the quantity of material dropped by the distributor to ensure a smooth process. Proper installation and suitable quality materials are the two most important things you must consider during your new roof installation process.

And by the proper installation, we meant the following things:

  1. Check the deck for rotten wood after tearing off the old felt.

The primary step of new roof installation is the removal of the old roof. This process depends on 2 to 3 hours, or it could take more than a day. The time period of this process depends upon the size, pitch, and layers of the shingles and felts your roofers encounter. In the Memphis and Northern Mississippi areas, it is not accepted practice to do a roof over. This process involves the installation of one roof over the surface of the other.

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This practice might consider common in some parts of the country, but at Admiral Roofing, we strictly frown on this roofing practice, and it is also not sported by most shingle manufacturers. The removal of the existing roof makes the inspection of the roof’s deck for rotten wood process a lot easier and more thorough for the roofers. Based on the type of roof decking product on your roof, any rotten wood will be replaced with either OSB or CDX after the roof decking is inspected.

  1. Instal drip edges along the eaves and rakes of the house.

A drip edge or eaves flashing protects the home’s eaves as well as prevents water from accumulating on the fascia board.

  1. Install a fresh synthetic felt.

You should place felt over the drip edges at the eaves and under the drip edges at the rakes of the roof.

Old asphalt felt paper had been replaced by synthetic felt around a few years now. With Admiral Roofing, you can rest assured because we are committed to providing you the best quality felt paper for your roof instead of using old asphalt felt paper. Synthetic felt consists of multiple attributes, including better resistance, more robust material and water resistance, and puncture resistance. A shingle manufacturer like Owens Corning requires that the felt be placed over the drip edge at the eaves and under the drip edge that runs up the rake. It runs up the gable roof to the ridge of the home and is known as the rake.

  1. Owens Corning Pro Armor
    New Roof Installation

    Owens Corning Pro Armor

    It is always recommended to use a new starter course shingle while installing a brand-new roof. An adhesive is included in roofing starter shingles to prevent wind damage and water damage from rain. It is very common for roofers to install three tabs without any adhesive protection for the eve of the roof.

It is common for the faulty roofer to present you lower bid by cutting corners on the material or installation process or by not providing any workmanship warranty that they promised before taking the work. In the course of roof installation, roofing companies turn three-tab shingles backward and use them as starter shingles. This is a practice only unprofessional roofing companies use. Our company understands the importance of good quality shingles that provide protection to the most venerable part of your roof. High wind is prevalent in Memphis areas of Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, and it does not even include the possibility of hurricanes yet. High wind exposes and damages the most venerable part of your house, your roof. Owen Corning starter shingles are the best example of proper shingles that will provide protection to your home against high wind and other factors. You cannot form a thermal seal and protect your roof or eve with a three-tab turned backward.

  1. After the proper installation of the drip edge, and felt it is time to install the water and ice shield.

    A well-designed roof installation always includes an ice and water shield. Every roof valley, chimney, and any penetration points, such as roofing pipe jacks and wind turbines, commonly called whirlybirds, should be covered with ice and water shields. It is recommended to install a water and ice shield directly to the bare deck. In order to ensure that sheathing is appropriately protected by the water and ice shield, you must cut out the felt at the valley.

WeatherLock is a product owned by Owen Corning. The valleys and around penetrations of your roof are the most vulnerable areas to ice and water.

new roof installation

WeatherLock Ice & Water Shield

  1. Next is the installation of thingles.

    The proper way to install a lifetime shingle is in a course. Nobody wants their roofer to ruin their lifetime investment in shingles. Six nails per shingle are the common requirement of almost all kinds of shingles. You must make sure that roofers are placing the nails in the nail line. If not, your newly installed shingles will lose all of their strength and will fail to adhere for a long time on your roof. Our new roof installation includes a limited-lifetime Owens Corning shingle, which is the heaviest per-pound asphalt shingle on the market and comes in a wide variety of colors.

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  1. Installation of hip and ridge shingles.

    The most effective hip and ridge shingle is always considered a true hip & ridge. Most roofers use three-tab shingles in place of actual hip and ridge shingles and do not even bother to explain to the owner the difference between these two types of material. In reality, three-tab shingles are unable to bend and are designed to lay flat on the roof deck. In other words, it is a cheaper alternative to lifetime shingles and does not cover the hip and ridge.

  2. Ridge Vent Installation.

    You should ensure that your roofing crew does not cover the ridge area with felt instead of cutting it out. Cover the ridge vent with hip and ridge shingles after installing it correctly on the roof.

Roof ventilation is an easily forgettable area during the installation of a new roof. A lack of proper roof ventilationresults in your shingles cooking just like an oven, which is not much different from cooking in an oven. Admiral Roofing is famous for utilizing the 12” Owens Corning ridge vent on your home’s peak. Ridge vents produced by Owen Corning are weather resistant and work all year round, and have 100 MPH wind-driven rain resistance.

new roof installation

12″ Owens Corning Ridge Vent

  1. Now is the time to paint the unpainted roofing hardware.There are a few roofing accessories that may not come painted, including pipe jacks, 750s or turtle vents, wind turbines, and flashings, if you choose to have them painted.After completing the painting work of the roof, it is finally time to wrap things up with a thorough cleaning process. Your roofing staff is responsible for cleaning the debris and nails from different areas, including the driveway, yard, and flowerbeds.

These are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind as your brand-new roof is installed. Always try to have a proper conversation with a roofing contractor about the roofing process. Top roofing companies take great pride in installing your roof in the best possible way. It is the poor roofing companies’ nature to hide things from you or even make you feel hesitant to ask any question regarding the installation of your roof. However, that is not the case with Admiral Roofing, which adores its customers and does its best to answer their questions and have good conversations.

Tips for Communicating with Your Roof Contractor

These questions will help you understand how the roofing installation process will work. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor before the installation begins.

1. When Will the Shingles Arrive?

Shingles are usually delivered to the location one day before the installation of a new roof. Contact your roofing contractor and make him aware of your situation. Things like neighborhood bylaws or how much room you have for roofing materials required for your roofing project. If you are not going to provide any specific instructions about the placement of shingles to your delivery driver, he is going to simply put them in the driveway. Remember to ask your roofing contractor in advance about the delivery of shingles in case you need more preparation for them. Usually, most roofing contractors are unaware of the proper timing of the arrival of the roofing material. However, keep in mind that you have the right to move the cars to ensure the slightest disturbance in your household.

new roof installation

2. Will You Be Covering My Flowers or Shrubbery?

Falling debris from a new roof can cause potential damage to the flowers and shrubbery of your most cases, roofing contractors expect homeowners to take care of these things. On the other hand, some roofers take care of it by themselves. You must discuss the matter in advance with your roofer regarding the protection issue. Admiral Corning never let that point slide and discussed with the owner if he wanted to take some extra measures. In addition to protecting your yard from nails, the Equipter mobile roofing debris trailer is also capable of lifting up and over tender shrubs. Even with tarps and the Equipter, shrubbery can sometimes be damaged, so it is especially important to take extra care. Make sure you keep your contractor informed when they are in a particularly challenging area.

3. What is the Clean-Up Process?

A search operation is conducted by the Admiral roofing contractor after the installation of a new roof for the leftover shingles, loose nails, and other debris. Remember to discuss the clean-up plans with your roofer before starting the work. After the clean-up, if you are unsatisfied with your roofer’s work, do not restrain yourself from asking them to double-check your site for missing nails and other debris. The process of re-roofing involves removing thousands of nails and hundreds of square feet of roofing felt to prepare your roof for new shingles. Even after a very conscious clean-up operation, there is a possibility that there are some nails left in the grass. It is recommended to mow your lawn before the roof installation process. It helps the roofing staff easily find the nails using the magnet and clean up your place.

4. What is the Warranty?

Every newly installed roof comes with a warranty that consists of different terms which are imperative to understand. Moreover, you need to confirm who is going to be responsible for the warranty process, you or your roofing contractor. Admiral Roofing contractors recommend Owen Corning roofing material as their best selection. The roofing company normally registers warranties. After the completion of the roofing project, Admiral Roofing will upload your data to your SSA client portal. You will have access to your new shingles warranty, along with all other roofing information you need, including pre-job pictures, contracts, insurance scope of loss, and other paperwork, forever since it will be stored in the Roofing CRM program SSA. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a cloud-based system maintained by Admiral Roofing that stores your information and is accessible anywhere, anytime.

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New Roof Installation: Pre-Work Checklist

There are the following few things that you can consider doing until the installation process start to avoid disruption. This pre-work checklist will help you remain prepared during the installation process.

1. Protect Your Pets

Consult your roofing contractor about keeping your pets inside or outside your property. There is a high chance that dogs and cats get in the way of the roofers and get injured due to falling debris. Moreover, animals get easily frustrated by the continuous or harsh sound of instruments used during the installation process. So you may want to consider keeping your dog away if he is noise sensitive.

2. Protect Your Property

Don’t forget to move or cover the different items, including statues and plants, to avoid them getting damaged during the process. Try to remove the things from the outer wall of the house, as the vibration can cause them to fall down and get damaged. Vibration can be caused due to various reasons, including crew walking on the roof, nailing of shingles, and placing the bundles of shingles on the roof. One of the heaviest shingles in the market, produced by Owen Corning, can weigh 220 LBS or even more in case of installment of a class four shingles.

8Steps to perfect roof by Admiral Roofing

3. Manage Gates

During the installation process, your roofer might ask your permission to keep the doors open to access the property easily. If you are not comfortable with this option, you can also ask them to close it for the protection of dogs and kids. Make sure you discuss your decision about the gates before the beginning of the installation of your roof.

4. Make Special Requests

If you have something particular about your roof installation process, make sure to discuss this in advance with your roofing contractor. It could be related to the position of the septic tank or special care instruction around the swimming pool pumps or anything.

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5. Cover Valuables in the Attic

Roof decking must be removed from the felt during the installation of a new roof. Admiral roofers never forget to remove old felts and shucks nails for the roof deck. Despite being the best roofing practice, it can cause a mess in the attic requiring quick clean-up. There is a chance that the old asphalt base felt tears into small pieces and spread between the roof decking and goes other roofing areas. Remember to cover all of your valuable items to protect them from debris and dirt.

6. Rare and Unexpected Things but Possible

Sometimes nail penetration can hit water lines, A/C lines, and electric lines in the roof deck. This is least expected to happen if all of these lines are installed to code. There is no way to find these things before the installation process. It is very rare to see them during the installation of a new roof. So neither your roof contractor nor you are responsible if something like that happens. So you must remain prepared for the situations like these.

Post-Work Checklist

At last, in the ending process, you must be aware of what to expect on that day. Here are the following things you can do to relieve your roofing contractor and help him finish his job efficiently.

1. Be Present for the Final Walk-Through

Admiral Roofing contractor will take you to make a walk around your property for the final inspection. Use this chance in the best way possible by asking questions about different things and inspecting your roof, clean-up process, and other things. Your roofing contractor will also explain to you his work and the different reasons behind doing it in a particular way. The more you will try to ask thins for your roofing contractor more satisfied and happy you will get with the work.

2. Settle the Account

You can settle the payment check if you are completely satisfied with the work. If you are unhappy due to any construction work during the inspection, you must contact the company representative in this regard. A company representative will receive the first check after handing over the roof completion certificate. You will receive your RD check after your roofing company sends the final invoice to the insurance company. It takes around ten to fifteen days for your RD check to arrive at your location, depending upon the working routine of your insurance company.

3. Don’t Move Leftover Material

Roofing material is ordered in excessive amounts by the Admiring roofers to ensure a smooth roofing process. The leftover material will be picked by the admiral roofer after completing the process within three working days. There could be several bundles to several squares of extra shingles ordered by the roofing contractor, depending upon the size or shape of your roof. Doing this is necessary as the work could delay in the absence of a particular roofing material or may be due to traffic or any other reasons. So it is considered professional to remain prepared by bringing the extra roofing material.

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4. Receive Your Warranty

After the completion of the roofing project and receiving the last check, Admiral Roofing will upload your data to your SSA client portal. If you have any queries about the roofing process, contact Admiral Roofing by googling it and find the link to your SSA client portal for assistance.

You will have access to your new shingles warranty, along with all other roofing information you need, including pre-job pictures, contracts, insurance scope of loss, and other paperwork, forever since it will be stored in the Roofing CRM program SSA. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a cloud-based system maintained by Admiral Roofing that stores your information and is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Use these roofing tips and tricks to feel more familiar with the new roofing installation process. If you are still confused about some roofing processes, contact the Admiral Roofing customer service representative. Admiral Roofing will be pleased to help you by answering your queries.

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