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In order to keep your home and commercial business dry and safe, Admiral Custom Roofing, your Atoka roofing contractor, can provide high-quality roofing services such as roof repair, new residential asphalt roof replacement, skylight repair, and skylight replacement. During even the fiercest weather conditions, it is essential for your home to be protected by professional and trustworthy roofing contractors. For quality asphalt shingles or metal roofing installation that will last for generations, you can count on Admiral Roofing of Atoka.

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Atoka Tennessee
Atoka Tennessee

Admiral Custom Roofing & Owens Corning

Admiral Roofing is one of Ownes Corning’s Platinum Preferred Contractors. Thanks to our Admiral Roofing-Ownes Corning partnership, Admiral is able to offer up to a 50-Year warranty on any new residential asphalt roof we install, making us one of the best roofing contractors in Atoka. As a Platinum Preferred roofer, we cannot only offer you extended warranties from Owens Corning, but we will also provide you with the peace of mind you deserve during your roofing project.

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Admiral Custom Roofing offers services including assistance with insurance claims for residential and commercial roofing. With high-quality materials, Admiral Roofing provides top-notch roofing service. Furthermore, the company uses eco-friendly materials and practices to leave the smallest footprint possible, avoiding damage to other properties.

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Roofing Servies Offered for Atoka Tennessee: Roof Repair & New Roof Replacement

Roof Repair:

There is nothing like an effective roof repair, at least according to Admiral Roofing. Admiral believes a thorough roof inspection should always be conducted before doing any other work on the roof. If a roof repair is possible and makes sense for the homeowner, we recommend it. The good news is that a good roof repair can extend the service life of your existing roofing system for many more years, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. It is generally our practice to have a hard discussion about repairing your roof, not replacing it if it can be done for less than 31% of the cost of new roofing. Our roof repair team will give you a free estimate and let you decide what you want to do with your roof.

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New Residential Asphalt Roof:

If your roof has been damaged by storms or has other problems like roof leaks, missing shingles, or major installation issues, a new roof may be necessary. A free roof inspection is the first thing Admiral Roofing will do for you. If we find any major roof damage, we’ll provide you with a free quote for a new Owens Corning asphalt roofing system. Having a strategic partner like Owens Corning gives Admiral the knowledge and training to ensure you get the best service.

Atoka Tennessee

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Have you ever been curious about Atoka’s location information?

The city of Atoka is located in Tipton County, Tennessee.

Coordinates: 35°25′29″N 89°46′58″W

We have one zip code: 38004

We also only have one area code: 901

Our total landmass is 12.09 square miles

FIPS Code: 47-02340

GNIS feature ID# 1275973

The Atoka city website:

For Driving Directions to Our Office Use Our:

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Atoka Tennessee, one of Admiral Roofing’s service areas, is a charming city in Tipton County, offering a wide range of activities and attractions to suit everyone’s interests. In Atoka, over 8,300 people enjoy the amenities and fun of a large city as well as the space and friendliness of a small town. The uniqueness of this place lies in that very fact.

Atoka Roofing Contractor: Atoka The City

Atoka’s roots date back to 1838 when the Charter of Portersville was drafted. The town has five public parks. There were 659 people living in Atoka during the 1990 census, which was when it was the second-largest town in Tipton County Tennessee.

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After the railroad came to Atoka and stores opened, there was a great deal of rivalry between the towns of Atoka. As a result of Atoka’s proximity to the railroad, Portersville was unable to compete with it, and eventually, it had to close down. It is no longer possible to find one store or building in Portersville, as Atoka has taken over most of the buildings.

Atoka sports five parks all in the same small town, which is almost unheard of for people. As of 2018, Atoka consist of five parks: Adkinson Park, Atoka Greenway Trail, Nancy Lane Park, Pioneer Park, and Walker Park. It would be a good idea for anyone spending any amount of time in Atoka to attempt to visit at least a couple of these parks since they each have a distinctive history and recreational facilities.

Atoka Tennessee

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Atoka Roofing Contractor: Admiral Roofing Home Atoka

The renovation or replacement of a roof on a property can be an expensive undertaking, but there is no need to fear. In addition to serving the Atoka area of Tennessee, Admiral Roofing also services Southwest Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. If you see warning signs, such as curled shingle edges, missing granules, algae stains, or cracked shingles, we can determine whether your roof needs repairs or a total roof replacement. All types of roofing materials are handled by Admiral Roofing, including residential and commercial buildings. Admiral Custom Roofing is committed to installing quality new roofs responsibly and efficiently for residents and businesses in Atoka. In case your roof is aging or damaged, give them a call or send a message and they’ll assess the situation and give you a complimentary quote.

Atoka Roofing Contractor FAQ

What type of roofing supplies do you recommend for a new roof?

As a Platinum Preferred roofing contractor of Owens Corning, Admiral Custom Roofing stands behind the brand as the very best roofing material on the planet. In light of this, we recommend Owens Corning’s Pink Panther products.

Do you do roof repairs in Atoka or just Memphis?

Atoka is our main office and always has been. As a roof repair company in Atoka, we take great pride in serving the homes of our customers. We provide services throughout Northern Mississippi and Southwest Tennessee.

What are the most common roof repairs you perform?

Repairs to pipe jacks, more commonly known as plumbing pipe boots, are among the most common roof repairs we see. Typically, roofers install roofs using the cheapest products they can find, such as 3 in 1 pipe boots or pipe jacks. Since they are made of plastic, they will dry rot, crack, and eventually leak with time. Aside from roof repairs, we also perform leaky valley repairs, skylight repairs, and chimney repairs in Atoka.

Do you give free roof inspections in Atoka?

At Admiral Roofing, we always gladly offer free roof inspections. We consider every free roof inspection another business opportunity. Our goal is to make a good impression even if you do not need any roofing services at the moment.



Atoka Tennessee

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