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Your Germantown roofing contractor, Admiral Custom Roofing, performs roofing services like, roof repair, new residential asphalt roof replacement, skylight repairs, skylight replacements as well as other home improvement services including new gutter installation and gutter repairs. That’s because Admiral Roofing is a local Germantown roofing contractor with deep Tennessee roots. For our fellow homeowners throughout southwest Tennessee, we are proud to be the reliable roofer they can call for a leaky roof repair, a new roof replacement and every roofing service in between — even for help with insurance claims.

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If you’re comparing Tennessee roofers in the Germantown area, you’ll find that Admiral Custom Roofing carries the credentials, track record, and customer reviews to give you peace of mind. We are the professional roofing contractors Germantown residents can trust to keep their homes and businesses safe and dry through Tennessee’s harshest weather conditions. Whether your roof calls for traditional shingles, metal roofing, Spanish tile, or slate, our materials, and craftsmanship will stand the test of time.

Germantown Roofing Contractor

Because of our higher standards in Tennessee roofing, Admiral Roofing has earned the coveted seals of approval from the roofing industry giant Owens Corning. Admiral Custom Roofing and Restoration is an Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor. Just one more seal of approval.

Your Local Germantown Roofing Company

Germantown is the beating heart of Tennessee’s barbecue Country, filled with the flavors of local cuisine and the festive local sounds. People come from all over to take in the rich culture, and sometimes, they decide to stay. As this vibrant area welcomes more and more families, Admiral Roofing gets more and more calls about fixing common roofing problems in Germantown.

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Germantown Roofing Contractor
Germantown Roofing Contractor
Our City
Germantown Roofing Contractor
A Little History

For starters, Germantown has a warm, subtropical climate. As locals, we know firsthand that the same conditions that make our gardens so lush and green can also expose our homes to extreme summer heat, hurricane-strength winds, hailstorms, and other harsh conditions. Because of our weather patterns alone, Germantown roofs see more wear and tear than roofs in other areas. Whether you’re worried about a roof leak or just need someone to come out and check on your aging roof, it’s important to choose a Germantown roofing contractor with care.

We’re More Than Your Roofer, We’re Your Neighbor

As an experienced Tennessee roofer, Admiral Custom Roofing knows the unique environmental challenges of roofing in Germantown. We also know how to make sure your roof will stand up to the test. We choose the highest quality roofing materials available and are meticulous about our roof repair and shingle installation methods. Admiral Roofing only uses roofing materials from well-respected manufacturers like Owens Corning, and we use eco-conscious materials whenever possible in our efforts to care for the environment. After all, we’re not just your roofer. We’re your neighbor. We are proud to call Germantown home, just like you.

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The Germantown Roofers Who Care About Your Lawn

Like a true neighbor, Admiral Roofing knows how much pride Germantown homeowners take in their landscape and lawns. You don’t want to invest in a new roof or roof repair, only to find that the crew left nails in your flowerbeds, damaged your shrubbery with falling debris, and tore up your lawn with their trucks. With Admiral Roofing, we take care of more than just your roof. We take care of your grass, flowers, and shrubbery, too. We work hard to leave the smallest possible footprint in your yard. It’s just one more reason why Admiral Roofing is Germantown’s favorite roofer.

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