Skylights and Roof Windows

Having Admiral Roofing install skylights and roof windows can be a very positive design choice for your home, but it is a big step for any homeowner to take. Before you choose a skylight for your attic conversion, take the time to consider the options available and understand the benefits that a suitable skylight or roof window can bring to your home.

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Benefits of Skylights and Roof Windows

The main reason to add a skylight to your home is to let in natural light. This can reduce your reliance on artificial lighting options, which could lead to lower power bills. Perhaps more importantly, natural light can also have beneficial effects on mood, which means that adding a skylight or roof window could improve the quality of life of people living in your home. Studies show that people who work in rooms with windows get more sleep at night and have better sleep quality. Natural light has a different balance of colors compared to most artificial light sources, which can affect sleep and circadian rhythms.

If you choose a skylight that can be opened, you also get the benefits associated with letting fresh air into your home. Good ventilation is important for reducing mold and mildew growth and can help to get rid of bad smells.

Skylights and Roof Windows: The Velux Advantage

Some people worry that adding a skylight to their home will introduce noise, drafts or unwanted light into their home. Fortunately, these concerns need not become actual problems. By choosing a VELUX skylight professionally installed by three-star specialist Admiral Roofing with noise-reducing glazing and installing a well-fitting blind, you can ensure your home remains quiet, calm and dark when you need to get some sleep.

For more than 60 years, VELUX has been the market leader in skylight and roof window manufacturing. To maintain the brand’s strong reputation for high-quality products, VELUX has invested heavily in energy-efficient technologies and innovative designs to create a range of skylights and accessories that can suit any home. VELUX skylights are designed to be easy to install, open and maintain so you can get the maximum possible enjoyment out of your investment.

Skylights and roof windows

Solar Power Fresh Air Skylight

One of the smartest skylights in the VELUX range is the solar-powered Fresh Air Skylight, which features a solar panel that captures daylight and uses it to charge the battery-powered system that controls the window. The battery is highly efficient, which means it needs only a modest amount of sunlight to recharge, and it is fully concealed to avoid spoiling the neat appearance of your skylight or roof window. When it rains, this battery powers a mechanism that automatically closes the unit, protecting your home and its contents from water damage.

The VELUX Fresh Air Skylight is made with noise-insulating glazing, which reduces outside noise by up to 25 percent more than standard double pane glass and up to 50 percent more than a plastic skylight. This skylight also features VELUX’s Neat glass coating, which is designed to resist dirt and smudges to leave skylights looking cleaner for longer.

Of course, VELUX skylights are also designed with safety and durability in mind. Skylights feature laminated glass in accordance with Memphis and State of Tennessee building codes. VELUX skylights can also come with flashing kits. These keep water out of your home without relying on sealants, which can break down over the years. VELUX flashing systems are available for virtually all types of roofs so you can be sure of getting a weathertight fit for your skylight. A Velux skylight installed by three start specialist Admiral Roofing with the Velux flashing kit has a ten-year warranty, the longest in the industry.

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Skylights and Roof Windows: Must Have Accessories

Skylights and roof windows

Skylight Blinds

Installing a skylight is a fantastic design decision, but don’t forget that you will need some accessories to make the most of your investment. In particular, you will probably want to install a VELUX blind to screen sunlight during times when you require a shady environment, such as when you want to take a nap or sleep in. Many VELUX blinds available today are electrically powered, which means you don’t have to get up to open and close them. Some even draw their power from solar panels, saving you money on your electricity bills. Manual blinds are also available if you prefer to control your sunshades by hand.

Skylights and roof windows

Fresh Air Skylight

Other accessories you might like to consider include systems for opening and closing the skylight, which can be extremely helpful if your skylight is located somewhere that is difficult to reach. Take a look at the full range of VELUX accessories to see how you can make your skylight smarter, more secure and more practical than ever.

Admiral Roofing through Velux USA has many types of skylights and roof windows to offer for your home. A very popular type for this fresh air health conscious minded homeowner is the solar powered fresh air skylight. You can always opt for the electric version of the fresh air skylight as well, the only extra would be connecting the electricity. If your budget minded but still want the extra light and fresh air there is always the manual fresh air skylight and if you just want the extra light you can always have Admiral Roofing install the fixed skylight, with the fixed mount skylight you can save even more money than the manual skylight.

The top of the line is the easy to open and easy to use solar fresh air skylight. Capturing the available daylight and using to recharge the battery is a feature of the solar power fresh air skylight. It has a fully concealed battery powered control system. The power source to open and close the skylight is the battery powered operator. This unit also has a built-in rain sensor in case you forget to close the skylight and it begins to rain, never worry again the Velux skylight will close itself so your home will not receive any water damage.

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Many people ask “How will I know what skylight and roof window is best for my home”. Have Admiral Roofing come and do an inspection of your home and the Admiral Roofing Three Star Specialist will be able to tell you if you need a curb mount or deck mount skylight. If your home is what is called a low slope roof, a three-pitch or less you will need a curb mount skylight. The deck mount skylight is used in most other installation cases. The reason you need a curb mount skylight on a low slope roof is to get the skylight up off the deck to aid in water diversion. On a low slope roof, the water will build up on the top end of the skylight and over time present a possible leak issue. The deck mount will raise the skylight up off the deck and keep the water off the skylight itself to help keep it watertight. The deck mount is a low-profile skylight which has a nice clean look on the steeper sloped roofs. Watersheds quickly on a steep slope roof so using the deck mount Velux skylight with the flashing kit will keep your skylight watertight and has a ten-year warranty for the homeowner.

The next decision is which skylight best fits your needs, the solar, electric, manual or fixed mounted. This is a matter of taste and how much you have budgeted for your project. It is a little more money, however, the solar powered fresh air skylight with blinds is certainly the top of the line skylight. Install it and forget it, the only thing you need after the install is the remote control. The Velux remote control can handle every skylight in your home or you can have a remote for each room if you have the skylights spread throughout your home.

Skylights and roof windows

Sun Tunnel Natural Light

If your home has a flat ceiling and you think this will keep you from being able to have a skylight and roof windows don’t worry, all you need to do is have a lightwell built in your attic. It is very important to have a trained professional build your lightwell to capture all the available light the Velux skylight will offer you. An incorrectly built lightwell will decrease your available light by as much as 30%, a significant amount that you do not want to lose.

If the ceiling of your room is flat, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t reap the benefits of a skylight. A curb mount skylight is made to use on a flat roof and can add light to your room even with a flat roof. VELUX skylight light shafts can channel light from a skylight or roof window to any room in your home, making your home brighter and more comfortable. Using reflective interior surfaces, the tunnel can channel light around obstacles to bring it into any part of your home.


Controlling the environment with blinds, 50% of consumers would like to have control of the light with their skylight. Only one of every ten have it. Humans like and need some drama, one way to bring some drama to a room is add natural light. Natural light alters the way we feel about a room in a positive way. Velux skylights with blinds change the mood of a room, it adds balance and privacy with energy efficiency. Room darkening skylight blinds or double pleated or flat blind can easily change day into night. If you need to take a nap in a room with a skylight simply close the room darkening blinds and your room is blacked out and ready to go. The light filtering skylight blinds filter and softens and diffuse the light that enters the room. The light filtering blind is perfect in rooms where diffused light is desired like the kitchen and living rooms. The Venetian skylight blind is also perfect to help control the amount and direction of light into a room. The Venetian blinds are a perfect addition to a room such as a bonus room. Velux has eleven factory installed blinds available in multi colors. The blackout blinds come in white, beige, green, gray and charcoal. The light filtering and Venetian blinds come in white, classic sand, misty brown, lovely latte, shiny cappuccino and filtered white.

Light up that dark spot that just never seems to have enough light. Hallways, bathrooms, and closets just seem to always need more light. Use the Velux sun tunnel to light up that unwelcome are of your house. Using a Velux sun tunnel and the attractive ceiling diffuser that blends in and is unnoticed will spread a soft and restful light throughout the room. Velux has a flexible tunnel making installation easier or the reflective rigid tunnel that provides the brightest light. Admiral Roofing recommends the rigid sun tunnel due to the extra light provided to the room. The rigid can’t be used in every situation due to the non-flexible pipe so keep in mind you need close to a direct line straight down from the roof to the room you are trying to get light into.

All Velux skylights and roof windows installed with the Velux flashing kit and installed by a Three Star Specialist carries a ten-year warranty.  Always consult your Three Star Specialist for all details on the skylights and roof windows and warranty information.

Skylights and Roof Windows: Is A Skylight Right For You?

Three Great Reasons to Replace Your Skylights

To find out more about skylights and roof windows, contact your local representative at Admiral Roofing in Memphis Tennessee or the Northern areas of Mississippi or VELUX today. You can get information that helps you decide whether a skylight is the right choice for your home.


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In Conclusion: Best Time to Change Skylights

The best time to change your old skylights is when you are doing a reroofing project. This is the most convenient and affordable time partly because you already have the old roof off and a clean deck around the skylights. Rather than just tearing back old shingles near the skylight you have everything clean and can easily put the proper amount of ice and water shield along with synthetic felt around the new skylights. If you install the flashing kit suggested by Velux you get a 10 year no leak warranty from Velux. One more little bonus is the federal tax credit that comes with the new Velux skylights.

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