Common Causes for a Roof to Sag

By: Heather Coker | March 2022 @ 7:44 pm

Common Causes for a Roof to Sag

Common causes for a roof to sag from Admiral Roofing. Every recently installed roof should be level and straight. Indeed, rainwater and debris should sun off easily on them to protect your family and belongings. However, sagging is a roof issue that can seriously compromise your home’s security. 

Several things can cause roof sagging, including the aging of your roof. Usually, a tiny amount of sagging is no reason for an emergency. But move immediately to fix the problem before your home’s structure is threatened.


Thus, if you notice that your roof is sinking or sagging in one or more places, these are the typical causes.

4 Reasons Your Roof May Be Sagging

1. Water Damage

A variety of factors can be the origin of water damage and a sagging roof, including imperfections in your roof surface, improper gutter design, and broken shingles. 

Day after day, your roof receives the harsh effects of the weather elements. Remember that any damage to your roof surface allows water to filter, weakening the roof’s general structure. 

Besides, mold and mildew may thrive in a damp atmosphere for only a short period. It may lead to a dropping roof and even to a complete roof collapse. 

If you do not properly maintain your roof, these factors might cause significant water damage over time. Still, you may avoid this problem if you take the proper care of your roof. Consult a specialist for a roof check and sagging repair.

2. Excessive Weight

Keep in mind that heavy snow or ice on your roof during the winter months may put a lot of strain on it. A roof may sag or collapse if it must withstand a weight for which it was not designed.

To avoid sagging under the weight of snow, you should remove as much excessive snow from your roof as you can. But always do it safely and efficiently.

Using snow rakes on frozen shingles is dangerous. So, be careful and know that a certified roofing contractor is always available if you need help.

3. Inadequate or Poorly Installed Materials

Was your roof built with substandard materials? Did an inexperienced roofer install it? If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you may face trouble like a sagging roof sooner than you may think. 

Poorly installed and designed rafters or roof joints might cause your roof to sag.

4. Age

No roofing structure will last forever, even if you employ the best roofing materials and hire experienced roofers. Depending on the materials used and design, a roof can endure anywhere from 15 to 70 years. 

If your roof sags, it may be because it has surpassed its useful life. From a financial point of view, replacing a roof may not be the best solution. However, it may be necessary if your roof is over 30 years old.

A Sagging Roof: How to Fix It

You may be able to repair your sagging roof much more easily when you know what caused it in the first place. However, determining the extent of the damage will let you know if you can repair it or if you need a replacement.

  • Spot where the sag is clearer in the attic by inspecting the roof.
  • Go into the attic with a flashlight and check the rafters closest to the area where the roof is sagging. Ensure that any metal or plywood gusset plates are in good working order as well.
  • Examine each symptom of deterioration, such as rot or mildew, cracking, and breaking.
  • Document any issue to precisely measure the magnitude of the damage. 

Certain problems will require the assistance of a professional roofing contractor to fix correctly. Are you a professional roofer? If not, repairing a sagging roof is not a task you should perform. Let relevant roofing jobs like this go to the specialists. Call a reputable roofing company and get an accurate estimate for sagging roof repair. 

Invest in a New Roof Right Away

Repairing a sagging roof is not always as effective as a complete roof replacement. But Admiral Roofing makes it more reasonable to invest in a new roof by offering several payment methods to fit every budget.

Please call Admiral Roofing at 901-461-0740 in Atoka, Collierville, and Germantown, TN to get an estimate for roof replacement if you find your roof is sagging.

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