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At Admiral Roofing you can have confidence in us as your trusted roofing contractor for Atoka, Jackson, Memphis, and Northern MS. At Admiral Roofing we install all types of roofing systems from asphalt shingles, metal, slate, and specialty metal roofing like permanent metal slate and shake panels.

Our most favorite shingle is the Max Def Landmark by Owens Corning Corporation. This shingle has been around for years now and can be found on many new roofs in the Memphis to Jackson areas. One reason we love this shingle so much is that it has the very best warranty in the roofing industry. The Landmark shingle is also manufactured by Owens Corning who is a Fortune 500 Company and has been manufacturing shingles for decades.

Admiral Roofing has been a Platinum Prferred Roofing Contractor for Owens Corning for years now. Admiral Roofing is also backed by Owens Corning with a lifetime workmanship warranty as well as the actual warranty on the roofing shingles.


Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles

We have extensive roofing and roof related information on our website. We also have our own roofing software with a client portal that no other roofing contractor has. SSA, Store Share Access brings an entirely new aspect of client relations to the roofing industry. Admiral Roofing has lead the way for years with new technologies like The Equipter and SSA.  With SSA we introduced software technology to the roofing industry that no other roofing contractor has anywhere in the state of Tennessee. The industry’s longest warranty and the technical advantages that we bring to each and every homeowner makes it clear we are the best Memphis and surrounding area roofer.

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